Verstappen & Hamilton Collide On Lap 1 | 2021 British Grand Prix

A thrilling opening lap ended abruptly for championship leader Max Verstappen as he collided with rival Lewis Hamilton, ending his race and earning Hamilton a 10-second penalty. Verstappen was able to walk away but has been taken to hospital for precautionary checks.

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  • TheGr8stManEvr
    TheGr8stManEvr2 órája

    Man, the racists are out in full force in this comment section.

  • zard
    zard3 órája

    main mcm ni baru fair.. cograts Hamilton

  • Farhan Ardiyanto
    Farhan Ardiyanto4 órája

    Hamilton Fake, not fair

  • Aaron
    Aaron4 órája

    That first half lap of genuine racing between these two was electric to watch. That's why I watch motor racing. Let us all hope the 2022 cars work as they are apparently suppose to, and we can have racing like that up and down the entire field, all race every race.

  • f c
    f c8 órája

    Clearly Max's fault. Lewis is in front, Max comes from behind, puts his front tire in front of Lewis's back tire and accelerates while Lewis brakes for the curve. Lewis's car slows down, Max's car speeds up, Max's accelerating right back tire meets Lewis's descelarating left front tire...booom! The rest is gospel. That flying wheel could have hit Max's head and decapitate him or make him look like an Easter Island statue for the rest of his life.

  • Ady Hoser
    Ady Hoser9 órája

    Very sad for Hamilton,... Verstappen cuts the curve,... Bravo Bravo, Hamilton wins forever fair,... sorry Verstappen, you have much things to learn, to get the character from top drivers...

  • Joseph Rodríguez
    Joseph Rodríguez12 órája

    The halo worked.

  • Philippe Cadart
    Philippe Cadart13 órája

    On doit vire tout les connars qui commande la f1 il sont tous payés par Mercedes les mersedes ne sont plus les bienvenus en france il vont brûlé plus facilement

  • Hema J Simpson
    Hema J Simpson14 órája

    Lewis knows win, Max not

  • Leandro Domínguez
    Leandro Domínguez15 órája

    Max never activated the turns lights... It was the Max fault.

  • Cosmic Gibber
    Cosmic Gibber15 órája

    I believe the lawyer is willing to bring his Honda Odyssey for the next race, as Horner is unable to get free service from Honda

  • Kolin Johnson
    Kolin Johnson15 órája

    Lewis: took the corner well Verstappen: didn’t want to be passed up and got aggressive trying to cut lewis off Lewis: asked if Verstappen was okay afterwards. People in the comments: “Interesting tactics used by Hamilton”🧐

  • Murugan R
    Murugan R15 órája

    Just watching Netflix series, Lewis had done this to Albon twice.

  • Jo Moreels
    Jo Moreels16 órája

    Black Flag ...

  • Peshka


    16 órája


  • TheShawn
    TheShawn17 órája

    Hamilton's fault big time... and he should've been DQ'd

  • TheNeutralGuy
    TheNeutralGuy19 órája

    From my perspective, I have proof that Lewis Hamilton was at fault

  • Zach Almond

    Zach Almond

    10 órája

    I agree you can see he (lh) has ample time to slow before the collision and he actually moves more towards the outside line to catch the inside of the second apex of the chicane which from watching the video from all the available angles is (MV) line into the second part of the sequence. I can tell (mv) expected (lh) to stay closer to the Apex of the first corner subsequently bringing him outside the racing line for the latter part of the turn which (lh) clearly if you watch before the turn in encroaches enough into (mv) line just enough to upset the drive of that man and wreck him into the barrier

  • Nothig Special
    Nothig Special20 órája

    Niqqa Hamilton

  • Dani Genriss
    Dani Genriss21 órája

    Adulterade competition

  • SoFresh SoCleanLRG
    SoFresh SoCleanLRG21 órája

    If u don't go for the corner, it's not racing. I see the 10 second penalty more than fair. Verstappen took a line that absolutely was not there at that turn!

  • Donek
    Donek21 órája


  • serry ciok
    serry ciok22 órája

    Just waiting for palmer analysis on this incident.

  • Lystic

    Verstappe and Hamilton turn to the left 0:27. Then both try to take a different arc through the turn. Verstappe only leaves room for 1 car on the very inside of the turn and ending on the very outside of the turn. Hamilton wants to not touch the inside of the turn and end at the very outside of the turn leaving no room for a car at all.

  • robert patrick
    robert patrickNapja

    F1 need this kind of drama

  • SkyNet

    As time goes by here is something to think. Look up here "Lance Stroll and Max crash" and listen the commentators and specially Horner's comments. Hypocrisy and Double Standard....that crash went down the same way but Max was inside and at that time it was OK by Horner and OK by Commentators.

  • serry ciok

    serry ciok

    22 órája

    backed off. In the normal course of events both drivers would've been out, but luck did play on Ham's side this time. I wouldn't go any further than that and stick to the chatter a

  • Ziryab Jamal
    Ziryab JamalNapja

    Hamilton was faultless.

  • Peshka


    16 órája

    u dont know f1 lol

  • Frank Rault
    Frank RaultNapja

    What to expect from the English if they go double dutch? Lewis the Loser

  • The Last Gen Console Gamer
    The Last Gen Console GamerNapja

    I am not verstappen fan nor hamilton fan. Hamilton has done this with redbull for more than 3 times. Hamilton does not go to available place for him nor backs up little bit for avoiding crash. Understeer was problem they say but if he could have braked harder for reaching apex he could have avoided this situation. Hamilton had advantage during red flag for repairing his front wing and got lucky with broken ferrari.

  • Zakaria Super
    Zakaria SuperNapja

    Hamilton deserves 20 seconds of penality

  • David L
    David LNapja

    Hamilton knows a wider turn will slow Max Verstappen down or he has to give way. Not cool.

  • Gobi Nath
    Gobi NathNapja

    Max aggressive drive wil make himself looser....

  • Kud Zem
    Kud ZemNapja

    It’s Bottas’ fault. What did he do prevent this crash? Nothing! He wasn’t even there. How irresponsible.

  • Pablito Paul
    Pablito PaulNapja

    I think that the only thing Max failed to realize was that he had the f*****g Lewis Hamilton on the inside, who threw himself with all the championships on. If Max would have let him pass, maybe, he would have had better traction to scissor him.

  • Hans Van Baren
    Hans Van BarenNapja

    Bernie Ecclestone: LH comitted a crime!

  • Eddie

    I wanted anyone but Mercedes to win this year's Championship until I've had to constantly listen to the whining from RB about what to all intents and purposes was a racing incident. Lewis has been letting Max take all the 50/50s until this point in the season, but realising now that the RB was going to remain the faster car for the whole season and being his home GP, he decided to get his elbows out and it worked out. If Max doesn't ever want to back off in 50/50 situations then why should the other driver. Game on now and I don't mind now if the Mercs win as long as that whining Horner and Marco are shut up!

  • CarterLegendary

    Lewis still sending people to the shadow realm smh 😂😂

  • juan jose garcia
    juan jose garciaNapja

    Ham ,s,fault clearly

  • thiago fmelo
    thiago fmeloNapja

    Spread in a curve at 155m/h. It's better to shoot your opponent with a gun right away! I should take a break so I don't do a disgrace like that again. Verstappen was in serious danger of dying!

  • William Darko
    William DarkoNapja

    All these comments choosing to ignore the fact that Verstappen took that sharp right into Hamilton, resulting in the crash... watch the footage.

  • pacastilhobr

    Hamilton is a criminal

  • pacastilhobr



    I have no doubt Hamilton called for sabotage in Russell's race at Mercedez

  • Jose Luis Garcia
    Jose Luis GarciaNapja

    We want to see two guys racing wheel to wheel while respecting each other. Inevitably, with that speed and aggressiveness accidents, or race incidents if you like, do happen. So, do we want to stop them flighting and make races become less exciting or let them keep on pushing to the limits? Tough call, innit? Having said that, particularly on this one, I do thing Ham was more to blame as clearly in the footage you can see he was in an awkward position to turn in into the high-speed-copse-corner and therefore should've backed off. In the normal course of events both drivers would've been out, but luck did play on Ham's side this time. I wouldn't go any further than that and stick to the chatter and excitement that sort of events bring to the sport. Bring the next race on ... PD: Not nice from Ham though that sort of celebration when your mate is at the Ozzy after such a a heavy crash.

  • Kiss Mlungu
    Kiss MlunguNapja

    1997 Michael Schumacher vs Villeneuve...

  • vzack


  • Le Joker
    Le JokerNapja

    course en F1 depuis 2007 pour Hamilton = 9 accidents ou accrochages - Verstapen depuis 2015 = 11 accidents ou accrochages - qui est le plus dangereux ? Verstapen 2 accidents de plus avec 8 ans de moins en compétions - sans commentaires

  • adika Saputra
    adika SaputraNapja

    Actually verstapen crashing his rear tyre to hamilton's front tyre 😂 , he didnt use rear mirror to turn right,

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowyNapja

    Lewis didn’t hit the apex and he could have avoided the crash if he did. It’s 100 percent his fault

  • minecraft gamer125
    minecraft gamer125Napja

    Verstappen had to cut in cuz Hamilton had the line and didn't move in, so either verstappen was gonna be forced off the track, or they were gonna touch, cuz Hamilton wasn't gonna give it up and move in more, and verstappen had to move I or he would've gon off the track, so its Hamiltons fault for not leaving space for verstappen to stay on the track

  • Sonik 1
    Sonik 1Napja

    Il lupo perde il pelo ma non il vizio

  • Studio 7192
    Studio 7192Napja

    diesen Hamilton auf Lebzeit sperren!

  • bowen voowy

    bowen voowy



  • Fernando Wagner
    Fernando WagnerNapja

    Esse Hamilton joga sujo

  • samir kumar
    samir kumarNapja

    Vestapen should give room to he must finished second...its all place in your stomach. But you need to have more food 😭😭😭

  • Dirk Dykstra
    Dirk DykstraNapja

    Hamilton didn’t turn hard enough, Verstappen turned too hard. Hamilton could see that Verstappen was overcompensating on the corner, and Verstappen tried to make a pass at the wrong time. Seems like predominance of fault could go one way or the other. The stewards decided Hamilton had more fault.

  • Mr Noob

    Mr Noob


    Well looking st the lines the took verstappen actually backed off a bit then send it through the outside.

  • Nadir Ünal
    Nadir ÜnalNapja

    Great lies from Gteat Britain tin.

  • padvinder8
    padvinder82 napja

    Lewis fanboys. When Max crashes into someone: it's Max his fault! When someone crashes into Max: it's Max his fault!

  • imi tan
    imi tan2 napja

    i an not fan of Lewis , but what he showed is experience vs new comer , what a genius, cunning and smart move of this guys to take 25 points from the rival, because it can be one of the most popular f1 debacable incident in history. This collide remember me what have happened with other F1 greats , Aryton Senna vs Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher vs Damon Hill .

  • Tortughino
    Tortughino2 napja

    I understand Verstappen fans but it's a normal racing accident during a duel.

  • Rotor Air Group
    Rotor Air Group2 napja

    Anyone is saying that Max is the new super star and the best of F1 as today. But if we compare his results by the 10th race of 2017, his 3rd season driving a Red Bull they are lesser than those of Lando Norris in a slower McLaren. Max is beatable if McLaren gets better or when Lando gets a leveled car to race against him.

  • andrex millan
    andrex millan2 napja

    problem here wasn't 10s penalty... it was the fact that 44 car was able to repair the car under red flag. My question is Why Max wasn`t able to re start with the spare car?

  • 1ls376
    1ls3762 napja

    Senna/Prost 1990?

  • Vrushali Botke
    Vrushali Botke2 napja

    I blame bottas..!

  • luis
    luis2 napja


  • sofyan condet
    sofyan condet2 napja


  • Geo Gmz
    Geo Gmz2 napja

    "Turned in on me" I've been fan of Hamilton ever since he put a foot on F1.. But I'm not sure what was he expecting Max to do? It's a turn.. I might be wrong but I believe he needed to back up since he couldn't over take.. I don't think was intentional but that comment... 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • f c

    f c

    7 órája

    You are wrong. Lewis slowed down. Max not that much. Unfortunately, Max's back tire was behind Lewis's front tire. They had to meet each other. The one who came from behind was at fault. Hamilton was right to say that. It was exactly what happened.

  • Jose Luis Fernandez
    Jose Luis Fernandez2 napja

    Ajam y la penalización a los puntos de la fía, cuantos les van a caer. Realmente la fía siempre anda protegiendo a algunos equipos (Ferrari y Mercedez) entre otros La F1 es una maFIA La gente habla de Hamilton.. como si se la pasara chocando a todo el mundo Aguante hamilton papa Ganar un Título... Creo que olvidan varios choques de Max. Hamilton rebasa a Norris y Leclerc en la misma curva y por el mismo sector Que poca memoria tienen.

  • TheFoxhole78
    TheFoxhole782 napja

    Vercrashen wouldn't have been there if he had yielded the position like the rules say as he maintained his position by going off track earlier in the lap, but Hamilton was a little optimistic that he would be able to make that one stick, I'm not surprised horner is blaming Hamilton though, he blames everyone that has an accident with his love child even if his love child is at fault

  • Sabrewulf killer
    Sabrewulf killer2 napja

    Max is a craybaby. Hamilton was not to blame

  • Oneyedgnarlyrob
    Oneyedgnarlyrob2 napja

    Easy to give a 10 second penalty when he gets out of the car. My heart dropped when max hit the wall in real time. Lewis was out breaked and out of position. He had no apex. Bad move on his part.

  • Oneyedgnarlyrob


    14 órája

    @Kevin T ok cupcake.

  • Kevin T

    Kevin T

    15 órája

    I don't think so, the first move was cut off and the inside pass was the only option. Hamilton took inside and then verstappen tried too hard to hit the apex with a vehicle already by the rear quarter panel. The pass was already happening, a legal pass nonetheless, and there was contact. A fair penalty in my opinion

  • minners71



    *out braked

  • João Alves
    João Alves2 napja

    Hamilton tem toda a razão

  • Venus Momo
    Venus Momo2 napja

    The 10 seconds is a yoke. A YOKE! Should have been black flag, almpst killed Verstappen there.

  • adam
    adam2 napja

    woooww... people are so up in arms about this... Max didn't have to cut into the corner so much as he had about 2/3 of the track to do it on and Lewis, yeah, could have been closer to the edge of the corner... Max was trying to cut Lewis off and Lewis said "no".

  • Tatsuya
    Tatsuya2 napja

    Due to the FIA, F1 has become less interesting. I can't understand why this was the result. Would Max and Lewis have the same result if they were in opposite positions?

  • Oasice Playtime
    Oasice Playtime2 napja

    Nothing wrong in this overlap. I like Verstappen but Hamilton was already inside. Lewis didn't turned the wheel for a collision. And this, at high speed, a fraction of second. Hopefully we get these two pilots, otherwise, F1 will be boring today. I miss the era of F1, decades ago

  • Landon
    Landon2 napja

    I think that Lewis carried too much speed into that corner on purpose

  • Simon Rodriguez
    Simon Rodriguez2 napja

    Una vergüenza, ese choque es claramente intencional y muy mala leche, 10 segundo es un castigo insignificante

  • Marcos Torroba
    Marcos Torroba2 napja

    Just turn on me..... and the turn also turns "on you"mate... 1m on his right side? more? There you have your multi-champion... that's the spirit he brings when the real competition pops up

  • Patrick
    Patrick2 napja

    It seems like Max tried to shut the door on Lewis and just didn't know exactly where Lewis was. I'd say neither did anything wrong tbh

  • joseph bozarth
    joseph bozarth2 napja

    It’s Max’s fault.

  • eddyk
    eddyk2 napja

    Max has done worse, so I don't care.

  • Virtuoso
    Virtuoso2 napja

    That was completely Hamilton’s fault because he was on the inside and Max was on the outside trying to take the turn and Hamilton slowed down to where his front wheels matched Max’s back wheels and he moved to the center and pushed max wide and then max turned in to go around the turn and Hamilton clipped his back right

  • angga prayogis
    angga prayogis2 napja

    Hello dutch.. Permisi, numpang nyasar. Iseng liat2 trending di negara2 lain.

  • Shukri Cali
    Shukri Cali2 napja

    The FIA, F1, the stewards , the media, the f1 writers and the viewers are all white so do you think lewis hamilton will get justice imagine if all these people are black i do not think max also could get justice because there will be a biast.

  • Shukri Cali
    Shukri Cali2 napja

    This full maron mad max thinks that every driver has to yield for him like a king, remember what crashstappen did to hamilton in 1. Imola 2. Spain 3.silverstone some one has to teach an unforgetable lesson and hamilton did that " thank you hamilton."

  • Luca Ferraro
    Luca Ferraro2 napja

    Hamilton has declared war to max 💪

  • Shukri Cali
    Shukri Cali2 napja

    Old ex f1 drivers who are over hundred years came out of their caves and each one of them tried to blame lewis hsmilton without knowing anything.

  • sparc
    sparc2 napja

    Next race max verstappen wins. I called it.

  • Robert uit Amsterdam
    Robert uit Amsterdam2 napja

    This is how you do it to get rid of your competitor: you place your front wheel between the front and rear wheel of your competitor and then you brake a bit. Bye Bye competitor. Hamilton's false intenties has become clear.

  • Euro Gas
    Euro Gas2 napja

    Hamilton like all Sociopaths, always the other person at fault ,devoid of all empathy ,fake false emotion nasty individual.

  • Joel Contreras
    Joel Contreras2 napja

    que sucio! que se vaya al baño a cagar!

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  • Tintoycar
    Tintoycar2 napja

    Next time we'll puta banana in his exhaust pipe.

  • Kayden Lim
    Kayden Lim2 napja

    is it just me who thinks it's verstappen's fault

  • Tintoycar


    2 napja

    no, 10% think that

  • brad d
    brad d2 napja

    What do you mean from now on.. Max has been doing this for a long time.. move on.. this is racing.. hypocritical to want them to race hard n say oh the race was boring n then when your favourite gets shunted you guys come out like this?? Go n look at the onboards where Max does push people off track witj dangerous driving.. especially the last few times with Hamilton. Thanks. Adios

  • G VZ
    G VZ2 napja

    Gloves off, first lap racing incidents only give a 10 sec penalty and your main rival is out of the race, take every risk.

  • Lennart De la Rambelje
    Lennart De la Rambelje2 napja

    My biggest rival almost died, but the most important thing is that i’ve won!

  • Lucas Hosn

    Lucas Hosn

    2 napja

    "almost died" reality: got out of the car on foot seconds after the crash

  • Hunter with Ash Blossom
    Hunter with Ash Blossom2 napja

    Verstappen and Hamilton fans: *killing each other* Versappen and Hamilton enjoyers: Next race will be interesting

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr2 napja

    After crashing MAX into a hospital > HAM was proudly waving his flag while brits cheered The whole world saw once again: who the brits truly are.

  • Nicolas
    Nicolas2 napja

    Bunch of whining fanboys in here. get over yourselves

  • Peth011
    Peth0112 napja


  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor2 napja

    Hamilton= a kid without respect. He must go away from F1.